Radiofrequency Anti-ageing Treatment

A firmer skin with Winback beauty's non-invasive natural technology

WINBACK is a high frequency current that oscillates between 300 kHz and 1 MHz. It accelerates the “natural regeneration” of biological tissues. Its low intensity means that it is a totally non-invasive energy and 100% natural for the human body

Just as when you exercise, your body draws on its resources, i.e. its metabolism and its blood and lymph circulatory systems, so WINBACK technology offers you exactly the same effect by drawing on your energies to regenerate and eliminate imperfections.


Regenerate your beauty from the inside with revolutionary winback radio frequency therapy (tecartherapy)


Anti- ageing look younger in 20 minutes.


No scalpel, no paralyzing or invasive injection, no moisturiser. Just the natural cell activation.


With the “booster” effect of winback adapted to face, frees your face of fatigue  and your skin regenerates and revitalizes. 


The skin's colour, texture and tone is restored. Ending dull complexion and dark circles under the eyes.


With our facial programs, already practiced in Japan, Italy, Spain and some French beauty centers among the most luxurious, you can attenuate the effects of time and gravity. 


Remodel the oval of your face and delete your wrinkles with a natural method, without any risk for your health.


Winback Beauty, your partner for face and body care.

Achieve a young and harmonious face, tone up your skin.


Winback regenerates the dermis by acting right down to the deepest layers. Your skin is plumped and regains its natural radiance. From the first session, the face will retrieve a stunning natural glow.


WINBACK stimulates fibroblasts and encourages the production of collagen and elastin, making it look firmer.



It maximises your body’s natural power but is non-invasive. You get visible and lasting results. So why deprive yourself?

One off Radiance sessions or 3,6 and 12 month packages available to purchase (Gift certificates also available on request)




To arrange an appointment please contact us on 01491 598043  to find out more

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"My skin felt firmer and smoother even after the first session. Now after 6 sessions I can see lines reduced. My husband has commented that my skin looks different- smoother and fresher. Whats not to like! "  Dec 19


"I had a one off radiance session and my mother-in-law and son both thought I had had a botox injection.."  Dec 19 

Before and After 




One off Radiance session    £130


We will offer patients three package choices:


3 month package (total of 8 sessions): One session twice a week for 3 weeks then once a month for 2 months £752 ( £94 /session)


6 month package (total of 11 sessions): One session twice a week for 3 weeks then once a month for 5 months £946 ( £86/session)


12 month package (total of 17 sessions): One session twice a week for 3 weeks then once a month for 11 months £1,275 (£75/session)

Please book online or call us  01491 598043 to arrange a gift certificate. 

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