• Tom Workman Senior Physiotherapist

Pelvic Slings - what is the hype? by Tom Workman

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

What are the pelvic slings?

What is the craze with fascial sling training versus isolated muscle group training?

Show me some ways to start myofascial sling training from home!

The nitty gritty?

“Anatomical slings” are comprised of muscle, fascia and ligaments- all working together to create stability and mobility throughout our bodies (Vleeminget al 1993; 2012). The complex system of selective co-contraction between the deep and superficial structures provide the basis of dynamic stability of the body during movement.

A muscle contraction produces a force that spreads beyond the origin and insertion of the active muscle. These forces are transmitted through structures within an anatomical sling, allowing forces to be produced away from the origin of the initial muscle contraction. The muscles depicted within a myofascial sling are connected via facia to produce these forces that assist in the transfer of load within the pelvis and lumbar spine.