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Personal training with a physio

Physiotherapists love giving out exercises and for a good reason. Exercises are one of the most effective ways to reduce pain, restore function and improve tissue capacity to handle more load. However, exercises can be confusing and often you can feel overwhelmed for all the different exercises you find on the internet. When you find some exercises, how do you know how many to do? How many sets and reps? How many times a day? What is the best intensity? There are lots of things to consider.

Physiotherapists are uniquely placed to guide through a program. They have intimate knowledge of your injury, a thorough understanding of tissue healing phases and tissue adaption which is what we want to influence. If there are underlying medical conditions these can be considered to work out the optimal plan for you.

At Physiolisitic we have access to a fully equipped gym and can guide you through your program with your goals in mind. It’s not just about pumping iron though. Here is a list of presentations we commonly deal with: injury prevention, rehab after surgery, improving pelvic control, postural correction, improving balance, falls prevention, using mobility aids, sporting personal bests, restoring joint range of movement. We see the young and old, the fit and unfit and the pre and post-operatives.

I have raved about the importance of exercise, but we often see patients as a result of doing too much. They exceed the capacity that their tissues can tolerate which leads to injury and breakdown. A classic example is someone who enters a marathon and has ramped up their training too rapidly. Persisting with training through pain can, in some cases, lead to stress fractures and result in a significant rest and rehab period. Physiotherapists can monitor signs and symptoms and modify as necessary.

All our physiotherapist are trained in Pilates, paediatric and adolescent musculoskeletal disorders, strength and conditioning and use of Compex – a portable muscle stimulator device used to induce muscle contractions and aid in recovery. Our physios come from a wide range of different sporting backgrounds and abilities.

Book in today with one of our physios to guide you through a program and give you the confidence to achieve your goals, get stronger and avoid injury.

Shaun Rouse

Senior Physiotherapist

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