Private General Practitioners

Private doctors on your doorstep


Your Private option for Health Care in Henley offering longer appointments with an experienced, friendly GP at appointment times convenient for you.


Cutting edge treatments and referrals alongside warm and compassionate care for you and your family.


Self referrals welcome. 


Private GPs can help with a wide array of issues.

In addition to the consultation with the GP, your appointment will also include where appropriate;
         a)writing a private prescription
         b)providing a referral to a Consultant
         c)recommending and referring you for scans or X-rays and highlighting what other tests you may need.



Does seeing a private GP affect my relationship with my NHS GP?

Having a Private GP appointment does not result in any changes to the care you receive from your NHS GP and we recommend that you remain registered with your local NHS practice to ensure assistance in the event of a medical emergency.



We also have an array of different specialist holding regular private clinics at Physiolistic and are always looking for collaborative partnerships to improve the services we offer,  to fully enable ‘whole body healing’. 

To arrange an appointment please contact us on 01491 598043  to find out more

Weekdays 8am - 8pm, Saturdays 8am - 4.30pm and Sundays 9am- 1pm  |  (01491) 598 043  |

(OPEN with as an essential medical service despite Tier 4 lockdown)

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