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Shoulder Exercises

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SM1: Shoulder Pendular Exercises

SM2: Shoulder Wall Walking

SM3: Shoulder Abduction Assisted (stick)

SM4: Shoulder Assisted Flexion (stick)

SM5: Shoulder Assisted Lateral Rotation (stick)

SM6: Shoulder Extensions Prone



SS1: Shoulder Blade Setting Exercises

SS2: Shoulder Clock Exercises

SS3: Shoulder Blade Press Up

SS4: Shoulder Blade Reaching 1 and 2

SS5: Shoulder Rhomboid

SS6: Shoulder Middle Trap

SS7: Shoulder Lower Trap

SS8: Shoulder Isometric Abduction Exercises

SS9: Shoulder Isometric Lateral Rotation

SS10: Shoulder Isometric Medial Rotation Exercises

SS11: Shoulder Lateral Rotation in Side Lying

SS12: Shoulder Lateral Rotation with Band

SS13: Shoulder Medial Rotation Band

SS14: Shoulder Abduction with Band Exercises

SS15: Shoulder Bicep Curl Band

SS16: Shoulder Bicep Curl and Lift

SS17: Shoulder Tricep Resistance Band

SS18: Shoulder Tricep Dips

SS19: Shoulder Wall Press Up

SS20: Shoulder 1/2 Press Up on Knees

SS21: Shoulder Half Press Up on Bosu

SS22: Shoulder On Ball Press Up Exercises

SS23: Shoulder Ball Press Ups (Legs on Ball) Exercises

SS24: Shoulder Drawing Sword with Weight

SS25: Shoulder Band Wall Walking

SS26: Shoulder Rolling Ball on Wall

SS27: Shoulder band push 

SS28: YWT shoulder blade strengthening

SS29: Upright row with band 

SS30: Shoulder lat pull down with band 

SS31: Shoulder blade wall press up


SF1: Pecs Doorway Stretch

SF2: Shoulder Posterior Stretch

SF3: Shoulder Tricep Stretch

SF4: Shoulder Sleeper Stretch

SF5: Biceps Stretch 

SF6: Shoulder wall abduction slides 

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