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Self-funding and insured patients are welcome at Physiolistic

We have contracts with all major insurers and will invoice them directly provided you have a valid membership and claim number at your initial appointment.



Initial Assessment | 45 mins | £75.00

Follow-up Treatment 30 mins | £58.00

*Home Visits (on request) | 60 mins | £100.00 

Prices with Angela Botha differ.  Please contact us for further details.

*The £100 fee includes travel within a 2 mile radius of the clinic. Additional travel time is charged at £25 per 15 minutes or part thereof.

Sports Massage & Personal Training with a Physio

30 Mins | £40.00
45 mins | £55.00
60 mins | £70.00

Clinical Pilates

30 Mins | £40.00
45 mins | £55.00
60 mins | £70.00

 Biomechanics with a Physio with RS foot scan (custom orthotics assessment)

45 mins | £75.00

Core Scan with a diagnostic ultrasound

30 mins | £40.00

Sports Performance and Injury Screening (Tyhtan)

One Off Screening - 1 Testing + Report | Child : £125.00, Adult : £150.00

Two Screenings in a year - 2 Testing + 2 Reports | Child : £250.00, Adult : £300.00

Crossfit specific screen - 1 x testing + Report | Child : £200.00, Adult £240.00

We offer 10% discount (on physiotherapy only) for current members of the Henley Rugby Club (excludes insured and other special offers). 


We have our own diagnostic ultrasound scanner, which may be used if appropriate to help us diagnose your condition, the cost of which is included in the fees (clinic appointments only).


We are recognised by all the major insurers, but please contact us if your insurer is not listed below.

How do you use your Health Insurance?

Each policy is specific to you and there are variations between insurance companies. Most insurance companies require you have seen your GP or a consultant, then phone them to get a claim number. We will need your membership number and claim number on your first visit to us to process payment, otherwise payment for the treatment will be required.

If the insurer has not settled your bill within 3 months, you will also be liable for payment.

Some insurance companies require you pay then get an invoice from us to claim the fee back. Please check your policy with your provider before you see us so there is no confusion.

If you want to use your insurance policy for the other services at Physiolistic other than physiotherapy please check with your insurance provider to see if this is included in your policy. This does not affect your ability to use it for physiotherapy treatment.

If you wish to start self-funding then decide to change to using your insurance policy this is possible. Any queries please ask and we will try to answer them for you.

Please note that insurers do not fund any consumables.

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