Advanced Sports Physio

Physiolistic is a centre of excellence for sports physio and rehabilitation. We are one of the few clinics with a high-spec diagnostic ultrasound giving an accurate diagnosis, Extracorporeal shockwave therapy for chronic tendon injuries, muscle stimulation for accelerated strengthening and sports specialist physiotherapists. We also offer sports massage, personal training, bikefit and running biomechanics with a physiotherapist. Our physiotherapists undertake specialist training in childrens sport injuries and are passionate about keeping children active. We have started a dedicated schools injury prevention programme called Tyhtan. 


We treat a range of abilities from Olympic athletes to weekend warriors and are passionate about getting you back quickly to the sport you love. We all also play various sports to a high level and therefore have in-depth knowledge of sporting biomechanics.


Our Director is one of only a handful of clinicians who is an International Advanced Compex Trainer and therefore can guide your rehabilitation with muscle stimulation as experienced by Elite athletes.


All our physiotherapist also have qualifications in Acupuncture, Fascial release, pilates and sports massage and therefore have an array of skills for you to reach your goal. We also have expertise and technology to assess your running, cycling and sport biomechanics, to help identify the cause of your particular problem but also optimise your technique. 


Physiolistic have invested in these technologies and the continued education of the physios to ensure you get first class care!


Sports Physios treat muscle, bone, nerve and fascial problems utilising an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.


All our physiotherapists are members of the HCPC and CSP and regularly attend in-service education and further studies. And are also Quality Assured practitioners (only 150 out of 27000 physio's hold this accreditation)


Our Sports physios use a number of different techniques including mobilisation, massage, exercises, electrotherapy (e.g. ultrasound), biofeedback and muscle stimulation, modified pilates, acupuncture, biomechanical/video analysis, activity modification, Shockwave therapy, instrumented assisted massage, strapping and training on injury prevention advice.


Your sport physio treatment will be specific to you. It will generally consist of a mixture of hands-on treatment and 1:1 exercise rehabilitation.

Sports Physio

Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised branch of physiotherapy which deals with injuries and issues related to sports people. 


Sports injuries do differ to everyday injuries. Athletes normally require high level performance and demand placed upon their body, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones to the limit.  Sports physiotherapists help athletes recover from sporting injuries, and provide education and resources to prevent problems. 


Each sports physiotherapist usually has sport-specific knowledge that addresses acute, chronic and overuse injuries. Their services are generally available to sports men and women of all ages engaged in sports at any level of competition. 

The physios at Physiolistic have numerous tools at their disposal to ensure that you achieve your rehab goals. We use scientifically based techniques and have links with various Orthopaedic Consultants and Sports Physicians who are experts in their own field who hold clinics with us at Physiolistic.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is the use of massage for the treatment and prevention of injuries. 

Sport massage uses the application of massage techniques that follow sound anatomical and physiological consideration.

Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused from repetitive and physical activity and trauma.


There are several key elements to sports massage. To better understand each of these, let’s look at them separately.

  • Motion and Flexibility: Professional and superior athletes often overtrain and this leads to muscle rigidity. Sports massage can help relax overly tense muscles and provide additional flexibility. Used before a competition, it will relax the muscles for flexibility, improving performance.

  • Shortens Recovery Time: Exercise and competition is stressful on the body. This will lead to injury if proper precautions are not taken. Sports massages are ideal to help the body deal with this stress and injury prevention. A proper massage increases blood flow and lymph fluid, both assisting in the body’s natural healing process, speeding waste removal and general health improvement. Swelling and inflammation associated with physical activity is also reduced. Scar tissue, normal from a severe injury, can be lessened with massage.

  • Supply of Oxygen and Nutrients: Blood flow into muscles is vital to creating new tissue and increased strength and stamina. Massage increases blood flow for additional oxygen and nutrients.

  • Helps Eliminate By-Products of Exercise: Lactic and uric acids are natural by-products of exercise. Each can be lessened with blood and lymph flow in the body and increase the waste output by a sports massage.

  • Psychological Benefits: There is much to be said about psychology and sports. Many do not realize the value of a massage with sports and how a quality massage has more than just physical benefits. The body is only as strong as the mind, so having a strong mind that is relaxed and focused is a definite edge in highly competitive sports. A stressed athlete is not nearly as capable as one with a clear mind.

  • Reduces Pain: A body in pain is a sign of overworked muscles and is not healthy. Massage increases blood and lymph fluid flow, thereby speeding the injury rehabilitation process. A massage also helps with pain from spasms and cramps, common with elite athletic training.

Childrens Sport Physio

We are one of the few clinics where our physios undertake specialist training in children and adolescent injuries.


Injuries in children and adolescents are too often diagnosed as adult injuries despite their developing bodies being very different anatomically and physiologically. The structures that are injured can therefore be very different.


At Physiolistic we will ensure your child gets the right diagnosis and therefore makes a speedy recovery without lifelong problems. We are also able to offer gross motor development testing  and sports readiness testing if you have concerns about your child’s development or co-ordination or risk of injury.


We also offer tailored rehabilitation programs for hypermobile children.

We also offer personal training with a physio to get children sports ready. 

We have developed the Tyhtan programme to help stop children getting injured in school sport.

Sport Physio Rehabilitation

Our physios bring their extensive experience and training in rehabilitation to offer a tailored programme to suit your unique needs. We also have access to the latest technology to assess your running technique and gait on a treadmill (or your position on your bike).


We are also able to offer affordable, off-the-shelf orthotics that are customisable to help improve your biomechanics if required.

Diagnostic Ultrasound for accurate sports injury diagnosis

Physiolistic is one of the few clinics to have a high resolution ultrasound scanner. The use of diagnostic ultrasound, if appropriate in your assessment, allows the physio to confirm the diagnosis after clinical testing. It has allowed us to pick up numerous injuries that have been missed by x-ray and also will change our treatment plan according to the findings. It is also useful in the use of rehabilitation especially for core stability.


It also allows the physio to monitor the progress of your treatment objectively. Diagnostic ultrasound is included in your initial assessment, if appropriate, at no extra cost.

Personal Training with a Physio

Our physios have also undertaken additional sports and exercise degrees qualifying them to work as personal trainers and sports massage therapists. This gives patients the ideal service of having personal training sessions and goals set by someone who is also a qualified physiotherapist.


The personal training sessions are individual 1:1 sessions in the Physiolistic gym and/or on the Rugby Club astroturf.


Our physios are also highly skilled users of Compex (computerised exercise). This is a muscle stimulation device which recruits 100% of the muscle instead of 40% which we normally use allowing you to make quicker gains in muscle strength (40% more muscle in 6 weeks). It is an advanced training partner used by Olympians and athletes worldwide. Our Director is one of only a handful of clinicians who is an International Advanced Compex Trainer and therefore can guide your rehabilitation with muscle stimulation as experienced by Elite athletes.


It is additionally applied as a useful tool for both pre and post surgery allowing for a faster recovery. Compex can also be an adjunct to your normal physio sessions.

Shockwave Therapy for sports injuries

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy treatment (ECSWT) is a highly effective treatment available for patients with chronic tendon disorders. It is a non-surgical treatment that works by delivering impulses of energy, targeted to specific damaged tissues within the abnormal tendon. This increases blood flow within the affected area, stimulating cell regeneration and healing and decreasing local factors that cause pain.


Evidence shows an overall result rate of 77% for chronic conditions that have not been cured with other kinds of treatment.


Conditions recommended include plantar fascitis, calcific tendonitis, tennis and golfer’s elbows, achilles tendinopathy, trochanteric bursitis, patella tendinopathy and shin splints (MTSS).


Physiolistic is one of the few clinics to have a Shockwave machine and our physios have undertaken extra training in its use. There is an additional charge for the use of ECSWT.

Muscle Stimulation - Compex

Physiolistic is a recognised supplier of Compex units and the an accredited physiotherapy supplier in the UK.  Our Director is one of only a handful of clinicians who is an International Advanced Compex Trainer and therefore can guide your rehabilitation with muscle stimulation as experienced by Elite athletes.


Electrostimulation reproduces the processes that occur when our brain orders a muscle to contract. In the case of electrostimulation we bypass the brain and send the electrical impulse direct to the motor nerve using Compex. These impulses are perfectly controlled to guarantee effectiveness, safety and comfort.


If you are looking to improve your sporting performance and capabilities; whether as a complement to, or occasionally to replace voluntary physical activity, Compex muscle stimulation is the machine for you.

This form of stimulation has many benefits including targeting specific muscle groups unable to be isolated in the gym alone, faster post-operative and training recovery and pain relief without the need for medication. Compex has undergone rigorous medical testing and been proven to:


  • Increase muscle strength by up to 27%

  • Increase muscle volume by up to 8%

  • Decrease lactic acid by up to 25%

  • 20 minutes of Compex is equivalent to 350 crunches and 160 squats


Physiolistic clinicians already use the Compex alongside its other treatment modalities to enable faster recovery.

Instrumented Assisted Massage / Fascial Release

The Graston Technique is a form of manual therapy known as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. It is one of a number of manual therapy approaches that uses instruments with a specialized form of massage/scraping the skin gently.


The therapy is designed to help the practitioner identify areas of restriction and attempt to break up scar tissue.


The general goals of the therapy are to reduce the patient’s pain and increase function through a combination of:


  • Breaking down the scar tissue and fascia restrictions that are usually associated with some form of trauma to the soft tissue e.g. a strained muscle or a pulled ligament, tendon, or fascia.


  • Reducing restrictions by stretching connective tissue in an attempt to rearrange the structure of the soft tissue being treated (e.g. muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments).


  • Promoting a better healing environment for the injured soft tissue.

BikeFit and Biomechanics with Cycling Specialist Physio

At Physiolistic we provide a dynamic Cycling  Assessment which aims to fit you and the bike together as one unit taking into consideration your biomechanical constraints/restrictions. This will place you in a position that will ensure you generate, efficient power, improve aerodynamics and most importantly, maximise comfort. All this will reduce risks of injury, breaks from training and uncomfortable riding thus enhancing your performance.


Physiotherapeutic Cycling Analysis Helps:


●     Optimise the balance between bike and body with video analysis

●     Increase power and aerodynamics through physio guidance

●     Alleviate pain and improve comfort with correct positioning

●     Reduce risk of injury with corrected cycle form

●     Cycle faster and for longer with reduced effort by improving overall efficiency

●     Improve flexibility and strength with bespoke exercise plans and physiotherapy managemen


We assess and correct:

●      Shoes, pedal and cleat position

●      Crank length

●      Seat height and fore/aft position

●      Bar height, stem length and tri-bar length, height and angle

●      Weight and power distribution

●      Pedaling efficiency

●      Body movements, restrictions, muscle tightness and muscle overuse

●      Fixing strategies that you may have incorrectly adopted to generate power

●      Biomechanical restrictions/issues e.g. leg length discrepancies, pelvic asymmetry, central instability and muscle imbalances.


Shaun Rouse, our physiotherapist completing the assessments, is a keen cyclist and competed at a high level. He brings his expertise in being able to offer bike fitting and biomechanics. He also worked for a year at London's top bike fitting shop ‘Cycle Fit’.

Running and Sport Biomechanical Analysis and Orthotics

We offer running and gait analysis as part of physiotherpay assessment if appropriate. We have specialist technology to analyse your movement and identify problems but also optimise your movement and improve performance. 


We offer affordable off the shelf orthotics , but should you require custom insoles, Nick Gallogly (specialist orthotist)  holds regular clinics at Physiolistic

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