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Virtual Consultations

Expert advice in the comfort of your home

What conditions can be assessed by video consultations?

  • Physio assessment 

  • Ankle pain, ankle injury (sprain) consultation & treatment

  • Knee pain, knee injury consultation & treatment

  • Hip pain, pelvic pain consultation & treatment

  • Back pain, lower back pain (acute or chronic) consultation & treatment

  • Shoulder pain, shoulder injury consultation & treatment

  • Neck pain, headaches consultation & treatment

  • Respiratory: diaphragm and breathing exercises

  • Postural issues consultation & treatment

  • Sports injuries consultation & treatment

  • Post-surgery (knee replacement, hip replacement) consultation & rehabilitation

  • Older people stimulation and exercises + psychological support

And many more, please call us if you would like to check.

What to expect during my online physiotherapy video appointment and consultation?


  • Full history taking

  • A verbal and visual assessment

  • Movement analysis

  • Movement based treatment approach to relieve immediate symptoms

  • Exercises advice and demonstrations

  • Advice and follow ups to check how you do the exercises, so you can continue between sessions feeling confident about the exercises and the continuation of your rehabilitation plan

You will leave you with an understanding of the causes of any symptoms or discomfort and a plan for recovery in the form of self management strategies , stretches and exercises. 

Children and Adolescent Physiotherapy: Services

45 min initial appointment


30 min follow up appointment


Book a Virtual Appointment

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