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Diagnostic Ultrasound for accurate diagnosis

Physiolistic is one of the few clinics to have a high resolution ultrasound scanner. The use of diagnostic ultrasound, if appropriate in your assessment, allows the physio to confirm the diagnosis after clinical testing. It has allowed us to pick up numerous injuries that have been missed by x-ray and also will change our treatment plan according to the findings. It is also useful in the use of rehabilitation especially for core stability.

It also allows the physio to monitor the progress of your treatment objectively. Diagnostic ultrasound is included in your initial assessment, if appropriate, at no extra cost.

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This is what you can expect from your initial assessment appointment with us.


Your physio will discuss your case history to better understand your problem and how best they can help you


A number of objective assessments and physical tests to assess your problem and make a diagnosis


Treatment which is tailored to your diagnosis including manual therapy, exercises and technology


Providing you with a care plan and treatment options with time scales and frequency to help you get back to doing what you love