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Sports Performance Analysis

Do you want to be Healthy and Active?

Worried about getting injured?
Sports Performance analysis could be for you

What is a Sports Performance Analysis?

Sports performance assessment is an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve their maximum potential in sports. This assessment is completed by a trained physio who will examine all the critical elements necessary for optimal sports performance, including strength, flexibility, balance, and biomechanics. We will also include the latest technology through VALD force deck analysis of your movement. The assessment aims to identify any potential weaknesses or imbalances that may impact your performance or increase the risk of injury. We can also compare your findings with normative data from your sport.

 Once the assessment is complete, the physio will provide you with an action plan outlining specific exercises and techniques to improve your performance and prevent injury. By addressing any weaknesses and imbalances, you can optimise your performance and achieve your goals in sports.

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VALD ForceDecks for Enhanced Performance Analysis and Injury Risk Analysis?

No longer confined to research labs and elite sporting teams, ForceDecks’ is available at Physiolistic to assess your  strength, movement, asymmetry and balance.

VALD ForceDecks are a Dual Plate system which have the ability to record your strength while practising in certain movements and muscles groups, specific to your exercise and sport. They detect movement from particular exercises and tests, and then visually translates the real-time data which provides in-depth data analysis for your performance and injury risk assessment.

ForceDecks automatically detects and assesses over 20 different movements, from squats to jumps and from isometric strength to functional tests such as sit-to-stand and balance assessments. There’s a test for almost any person, age or injury.


VALD ForceDecks for Enhanced Performance Analysis and Injury Risk Analysis?

The data will form part of your sessions providing the answers, direction and confidence to achieve your goals. We will be able to accurately assess:

  • Which leg or arm is stronger in specific areas of strength relevant to your sport/injury. Differences of more than 15% is a marker of increased injury risk

  • Whether old injuries are still present and impairing your performance

  • How much more work you need to do to return to sport according to normative data.

Sports Coaches can assess player/athlete performance comparing between positions, at the beginning & end of pre-season for example

The initial data recorded at the start of your injury rehabilitation journey will provide information on what you are capable of doing now, we can then compare this to the non-injured side and normative data for your sport. We can set specific goals in combination with an injury rehabilitation programme.

At a later stage we will retest to see your progress, and how safe it is for you to return to sport.

We have NORMATIVE DATA for all sports to compare your performance with 

Which injuries are the ForceDecks most effective for?

The data can be used for both acute and chronic injuries regardless of severity. From muscle/tendon strains & ligament sprains, to ongoing tendon related pain or biomechanical dysfunction.


We can assess the performance of your lower limb muscles (hamstrings, calves, quadriceps), shoulder and back, once you are fit enough to do the tests, as they are maximal force.


Injuries include:

  • Ligament sprains (ankle, knee, shoulder)

  • Muscle strains or ruptures (calf, hamstring, quadriceps, gluteals, back, shoulder, arms)

  • Tendon related pain (tendinopathy, tendonitis, tendinosis) for Achilles, Plantar Fasciopathy, Patella/quadriceps, gluteal, hamstring and shoulder.

  • Post surgery and return to sport

Who will benefit from ForceDecks?

Anyone from all ages can benefit from the Force Decks, from a complete novice to sport/exercise to very experienced. The data will show the results that are specific to your goals and needs. Specifically, the Force Decks will help those who want to improve their sport and exercise performance. This includes:



Measure how quick you can produce force for your sport, vertical jump height and how well you can absorb and release load for assessing injury risk.


Assess the quality of your balance, ability to land and hop to the side, and how fast and jump on one or both legs for heading/competing for the ball.


Improve your club head speed, or find out why you experience pain/symptoms during or after a round. Find out which muscle group or movement is affecting your performance.


Record your one rep max for Deadlifts/Squats, Bench Press and more. Analyse which side works the most during compound lifts, shoulders and hamstrings. You can also find out how long you can hold you maximal force.

Pre-Post surgery

Discover the differences between injured & non-injured limbs pre-surgery and create clear goals for a safe return to exercise, sport or lifestyle post surgery


Measure the ability of your legs & shoulders to improve your tackle technique, running, agility, scrummaging power, leg/shoulder strength for line-out lifting, and single leg stability to change direction for a tackle or landing from a high ball.

Running, Marathons, Triathlons & Cycling

Establish which leg is weaker and at greater risk of injury before or during training for an event/season. Analyse strength and load capacity of muscle groups (gluteals, hamstrings, quads & calves) and compare L & R leg/shoulder.

Sports Clubs

Players can be tested in groups for a range of tests. The Force Decks are portable and can be used indoor and outdoor. Group testing is great for inter club competition, and recording progress for preseason.


Measure your ability to land vertically and laterally and how you can transfer weight side to side on each leg to see how you move across the court.

We can arrange a special rate to come to your sports club and test your team members.

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