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Muscle Stimulation - Compex

If you are looking to  recover from an injury or operation or improve your sporting performance - whether as a complement to, or occasionally to replace voluntary physical activity - Compex muscle stimulation is the machine for you.


Compex (Computerised exercise) is a form of electrical stimulation which has many benefits by targeting specific muscle groups which you are unable to isolate in the gym alone. This leads to faster post-operative and training recovery and pain relief without the need for medication. Compex has undergone rigorous medical testing and has been proven to:


  • Increase muscle strength by up to 27%

  • Increase muscle volume by up to 8%

  • Decrease lactic acid by up to 25%

  • 20 minutes of Compex is equivalent to 350 crunches and 160 squats

Physiolistic physiotherapists make up just a handful of healthcare professionals in the UK who are accredited as Advanced Compex practitioners. They are therefore perfectly placed to provide you with a tailor made programme to suit your rehabilitation, recovery or sports performance needs. 


The Compex machines can be hired out on a weekly or monthly basis or are available to purchase from the clinic for those who want it as a long term exercise partner. Many of our patients end up purchasing either an SP4 or SP8 once they recognise the benefits of the machine.

Muscle Stimulation - Compex: Service

Your next step?
Book an initial assessment...

Our physiotherapists will assess, treat and devise a care plan in order to help you return to what you love to do. 

 45 mins | £70.00

This is what you can expect from your initial assessment appointment with us.


Your physio will discuss your case history to better understand your problem and how best they can help you


A number of objective assessments and physical tests to assess your problem and make a diagnosis


Treatment which is tailored to your diagnosis including manual therapy, exercises and technology


Providing you with a care plan and treatment options with time scales and frequency to help you get back to doing what you love

If you have any queries please contact
us, we are more than happy to help.

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