• Tom Workman Senior Physiotherapist


Have you picked up your running distance during this isolation period?

- Have you started to notice little niggles which are hampering your continuous training?

- How can we ensure consistent injury preventative running/endurance training?

During this time of lockdown and isolation, exercise has helped many of us break away and manage our frustration. In a Telehealth (online consultation) capacity, many physios have started commenting on the increase in overuse/loading injuries.

An amazing aspect of this lockdown has been the capacity to ‘step up our learning’ to ensure that we are at our highest level of evidence-based practice. I recently listened to a great online Running Symposium held in Australia, lead by evidence-based practitioners at the top of their game.

A talk that caught my interest was by Australian physiotherapist as well as strength and conditioning coach, Trang Nguyen. Trang re-emphasised the need for strength training in endurance sports as well as correct load management.

DID YOU KNOW? Leading up to Kipchoge’s world record, he was covering 20-40Km’s of running/day?!

How did he get to this stage? Becoming an elite athlete took years of constant loading, resistance and strength training- which in turn helped Kipchoge’s body develop a high resistance and tolerance to running.

In terms of r